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Purchasers, who are consumers, are entitled by applicable regulations for distance contracts to a right to revoke the contract under condition of the following rules:

The Purchaser may revoke the order within a revocation period of four weeks without further specifications of reasons in written form (letter, fax or email) or by returning the goods. The revocation period does not start before the delivery and the reception of these instructions. The dispatch of that written revocation within the time frame of four weeks is sufficient to comply with the time limit.

The revocation must be declared to:

nded e.K.
Arndt Leonards
Talbenden 17
D-52353 Düren - GERMANY
Telefon: +49 2428-8198991
Faksi: +49 (0)2428-5088618

Consequences of Withdrawal

In case of an effective revocation, any goods or services received by one party is to be returned to the respective other, as are benefits derived from such goods or services, e.g. interests. If the Purchaser cannot return the goods received in whole or in part, or if the Purchaser can only return the received goods in a deteriorated state, the Purchaser must pay compensation for value insofar. There is no obligation to pay compensation for value if the sole cause of deterioration of the good(s) received was the inspection of the respective good(s) as would have been possible in a retail shop. For the rest, the Purchaser can avoid paying compensation for value in respect of deterioration in the good(s) as a result of their/its proper use, if the Purchaser does not use the good(s) the way the Purchaser uses her/his own property and refrain from doing anything that would curtail the value of the good(s). If the value of the order does not exceed Forty Euros (EUR 40) and the good(s) delivered correspond to the good(s) that the Purchaser ordered, the Purchaser must bear the costs of the return. If the Purchaser is an EU-resident and if the value of the Purchaser's order exceeds Forty Euros (EUR 40) the costs of the return will be borne by

Obligatory refunds of payments must be made within 30 days after sending the revocation or returning the goods.

Notice: The Purchaser's Right of Withdrawal shall expire prematurely if the contract has been completely fulfilled at the specific request of both parties before the Purchaser has made use of his/her Right of Withdrawal.

This concludes this statement of the rights of withdrawal.

(This information is intended solely for informational purposes; the original German text is legally binding.)

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